Smart Angle is a software development company

that operates entirely online with all its
employees, with 300+ clients from 7 countries around the world, Smart Angle has built a strong
online presence in the software development industry, to prove online-based companies the
standard, not the exception.

Smart Angle is led by its founder, Osama Jasim, and co-founder, Al-kheerow, who built the
fast-growing company in 2018, with the aim of helping businesses to achieve their goals using
software technology.

Our Values

●  We communicate very fast with our clients
● We understand their needs to the core
● We dig deep to help them improve the ideas they want to build
● We go the extra mile and take the responsibility for the project as one of our own
● We believe that fast is the new big, so we do the work with high speed but an
amazing quality
● We take care of our team very well, so our team takes care of our clients very
very well

Our Mission

● Helping 1 million businesses to achieve their success story using software
● Offering jobs for 10 thousands people to be part of our great beautiful journey.

Our Vision

● To be the lead company in software development in the middle east by 2030.

Osama Jasim, CEO

We are on a mission to power businesses with software technology and we believe that businesses won’t live long without it.